Reagents and Chemicals

Enzymes, chemicals, and solutions designed for certain procedures in the forensic testing process.
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Acrylamide Specifications: For use in g...

Agarose HR high resolution

Agarose HR High Resolution For DNA/RNA ...

Agarose I biotech grade

Agarose 1, Biotech Grade bioPlus Agaros...

dNTP Mix (each base 10mM)

dNTP Mix is a premixed solution of deox...

Firepol (Thermostable TAQ)

A thermostable DNA polymerase FirePol ...

Formamide (Hi-Di)

Sequencing grade highly deionized Forma...

LDS (Lithium Dodecyl Sulfate) Sample Loading Buffer (4X)

For Denaturing Protein Gel Electrophore...

LPA (Linear Polyacrylamide) for DNA/RNA Precipitation

LPA is an inert coprecipitant used to a...


Luminol Specifications: Chemiluminescen...

Luminol Solution (1mg/mL)


Luminol Solution Spray (1mg/mL)


PCR Master Mix (2x)

2X PCR Master Mix Applications: • ...

SDS 20% Solution

Sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) An ionic d...

Sodium Hypochlorite


Sodium Hypochlorite (10%) Spray


Taq DNA Polymerase with dNTP Mix

Taq DNA Polymerase for routine PCR. &nb...

Water, PCR Grade

Purified water for use in PCR Brand: bi...


New Products For August - Consumables

DNA Micromarker Ladder (80bp - 587bp)

DNA micromarker, ideal for electrophore...

DNA Ladder Minisizerr (25-650bp)

Ideal for quick assessment of PCR produ...

DNA Ladder 50 bp

DNA  ladder (50 - 500bp) Ideal for...

PCR Tubes, 0.2ml Dome Cap Yellow

Yellow, suitable for PCR and RT-PCR. RN...

48 Well Septa Mat

- Sealing Mat for 48-well deep well mic...

24 Well Septa Mat

- 24-well deep well microplates wih squ...


Featured Products - Consumables

bioForensics "Essentials paK"

The essentials paK keeps your laborator...


Isopropyl Alcohol   A common reage...

Gloves (Large) Vibrant Powder-Free Latex

The Aurelia Vibrant 9822 latex, powder-...

Urine DNA Isolation Kit

Fast and reliable purification of genom...

PCR Master Mix (2x)

2X PCR Master Mix Applications: • ...

Vortexer COMBO head for Benchmixer

Optional adaptor head for BenchMixer Vo...


Monthly Specials For August

Blood PCR kit

The Blood PCR kits contain all of the r...

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Blood PCR kit
Blood PCR kit