Blood Genomic DNA Isolation (Micro) Kit

Blood Genomic DNA Isolation (Micro) Kit

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For the rapid preparation of high quality DNA from whole blood, buffy coat, plasma and serum

  • Input volumes up to 150 µL
  • No phenol required for DNA isolation
  • Extract DNA from whole blood, buffy coat, plasma and serum
  • Fast and convenient spin column protocol


  • No Phenol-Chloroform extraction or alcohol precipitation - Isolate genomic DNA without the use of harmful chemicals
  • Fast and easy processing - Rapid spin-column format allows for the processing of multiple samples in 30 minutes.
  • Isolate genomic DNA from various inputs - Isolate DNA from various blood inputs including plasma, whole blood, buffy coat and serum
  • Recovered genomic DNA is suitable for downstream applications - Purified genomic DNA is fully compatible with restriction enzyme digestions, Southern Blot and PCR analysis.
  • High quality DNA with no RNA contamination - No contamination or degradation of genomic DNA isolated with the Blood Genomic DNA Isolation Micro Kit is observed.

Brand: bioX